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6 Liberating Motivation Hacks To Try While Building Your Future


It is easy to get discouraged or lethargic while freeing yourself. The time and dedication to carry out a two-year plan for freedom requires a high and focus. It's hard to do work every day, day after day.

But fear not! There are six practical motivation hacks that you can try starting right now to get your plan back on track. These clever tricks show you how to work with yourself to achieve your goals.

1. Envision Your Future

It's hard to know where you are going if you don't have a vision for your future. So dream big. Use your imagination. Picture the moment you accomplish a particular goal or a day-in-the-life of future you. Envision the future you so strongly desire and use that as fuel to push yourself forward.

Don't worry about being too bold or about what others might say if they knew your vision. This is not about the naysayers. This is about your life desires.

Imagine being free of overly burdensome laws and regulations that hurt your business or lifestyle once you've moved to another state. Imagine an end to high taxes or the hassle of annoying neighbors. Imagine that you wake up to another day of doing whatever it is that you love to do.

Think of how it will be when you know you've accomplished what you've set out to do. Feel that triumph and joy surging within you. Envision exactly what it is you want and go back to that vision whenever you are stuck.

In fact, write down everything you are picturing with all of its rich detail. The act itself of writing down your vision will help you stay committed to your dreams. Additionally, now that you have your vision on paper, you can refer to it when you are in a rut and need to be reminded why you are making the sacrifices you're making. When you are stuck and need motivation you will have the words of your enthusiastic past self to spur you onward.

[The Daily Bell's free guide walks you through this process step by step.]

2. Use SMART Goals

Now that you have your vision, be smart about it. That is, use SMART goals; specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, and timebound.

Anyone who is familiar with planning for a project knows that it is better to break up goals into smaller, easier-to-accomplish parts. This is the case for your vision for your future self. When you envision your future you create a hope and dream to motivate you. But if you want to get there it needs to be broken up into parts.

For example, it is one thing to say your goal to save more money. That's nice but it's awfully vague. It is something else entirely if those goals are defined using SMART:

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