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How To Start A Straw Bale Garden In 30 Days (And Why You Really Should!)

• by Jen Miller

This has also led to a growth in not only the organic sector but also an increase in popularity of meat less or meat free diets such as vegan-ism. Here is a great article explaining the benefits of a vegan diet if you want to learn more about it. Additionally gardening is also great for your mental well being. All of this means that it is an increasingly popular pastime.

Maybe you've already tried and failed to grow your own fabulous fruit and veg. Perhaps you've given up before you've even started, thinking that you don't have enough room or that the soil you do have is far too poor in quality to produce anything remotely edible.

Perhaps the complete opposite is true. You may have spent many satisfying years tending your crops and enjoying the fruits of your labour. But now, with the advancing of the years, you are starting to find the physical effort involved in maintaining a weed free, bountiful garden too much.

Whatever your situation today we are going to examine a method that may be the answer to all your gardening woes.

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