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Why you should begin homesteading today


(Natural News) While there are differences between homesteading and prepping, both lifestyles emphasize self-sufficiency.

Homesteaders and preppers alike often live off-grid, maintain a food stockpile, plan ahead to conserve resources, and do everything in their power to be self-reliant. But is homesteading for you?

Before you start homesteading, take note that this is no easy task. But with hard work, you can regularly reap the benefits of this self-sufficient lifestyle. (ht/ to

The basics of homesteading

Ideally, you should own a small plot of land if you plan on homesteading. However, you can also cultivate a garden in your backyard, or even if you live in an apartment. You just have to be creative.

If you're buying land, try to purchase property that has a natural water source for your garden. You might also need access to farm equipment, so ask around and borrow them when possible.

Plan carefully so you can raise livestock if you want to. You will also need space to raise hay for your livestock so your homestead can remain sustainable.

When done properly, homesteading can help you survive a SHTF scenario and its aftermath. (Related: Do you have a homestead? Here are 20 reasons why you should have one.)

Homesteaders and preppers both know how to live off-grid, and both groups take the time to learn and eventually master crucial skills that can help them survive disaster scenarios. Here are some activities and skills that both groups are familiar with:


Fishing and hunting for food


Gathering/chopping firewood to heat the home

Growing herbal remedies/medicinal plants

Growing fruits and vegetables

Maintaining a water source/collecting rainwater

Making your own biodiesel fuel

Preserving food

Raising livestock for meat


Using alternative energy

Using natural medicine/home remedies for humans and livestock

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