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Boeing believes mach 5 hypersonic passenger planes might have better economics than mach 2 ...

• by Brian Wang

A mach 5 hypersonic plane would also use standard Jet-A fuel. Liquid methane or some combination of those fuels are also options for the commercial aircraft.

A mach six aircraft requires a supersonic combustion ramjet (or "scramjet") engine, a technology that still isn't mature after decades of research and demonstration. A mach five might be able to just modify the lockheed spyplane engine technology.

The Lockheed SR-71A spyplane flew at speeds up to Mach 3.2 using two Pratt & Whitney J58 engines. The J58 featured a unique configuration called a turboramjet. The engine functioned like a turbojet up to about M2, then diverted air from the compressor into ducts that emptied in the afterburner.

Boeing's hypersonic airliner also would use a turboramjet configuration, with some variations compared to the J58. Instead of ducting only a portion of the airflow around combustor over M2, Boeing's concept might bypass all of the airflow around the engine core at higher speeds.

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