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The Desperate, Desperate Left

• by L Neil Smith

Watching them scream at the heavens on street corners or use bicycle racks to smash windows to stop speech—and speakers—that they hate has been like a visit to the zoo to look at the hyenas and baboons.

From the very beginning of the Trump campaign they have been out to run his caravan off the road at any cost, deliberately misunderstanding everything he says, nitpicking each and every little detail they can find and blowing it up into grounds for impeachment. They have sicced obscene and dangerous lunatics like Maxine Waters, Michael Moore, Jim Carrey, Rob Reiner, Rosie O'Donnel. Joy Behar, and Robert De Niro on him. They ignore all the good—record black employment just to name a single example—he accomplishes every day.

When each of these ass-clowns and the ludicrous accusations they make run out of gas, they immediately switch to another, castigating him for being rich, for being married to the most beautiful First Lady America has ever had, for exercising his rightful presidential power to hire and fire, for having a gorgeous and productive daughter who is married to "Sssss! One of them!", for having two sons who are accomplished big game hunters. Without any idea what it means, they say he's a Nazi. They accuse him of being a Russian spy and collaborator and, at the same time, of trying to foment an atomic war with Russia.

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