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Selco's Rant: A**holes, Experts, and Conspiracy Theorists in the Survival Community


It seems that as situation everywhere (political, economic, interracial…) gets more and more heated we have more and more people in the survival community that can be separated into several groups.

Classification of the groups is my personal classification and that does not mean it is written in stone. It is just my observation of survivalists and preppers that show up here and there, and as I said, in recent times, there are more of them appearing more often.

And I mention here only most usual "groups." I see these groups too often not to mention this.


There are folks who are into it just for fun, or more precisely, just making fun of other people.

Then come the"tough guys" that have 5 rifles and a Jeep and they think they solved the formula of prepping and survival.

But the problem is not the Jeep or the rifles (of which I like both). The problem is that THEY think the WHOLE point of survival is in those Jeeps and rifles, and everybody else who talks about and discusses anything different than they do are wimps.

We must also include people who are ready to get into a (virtual world) fight immediately after they find out you are a Republican or a Democrat, or yellow or white, or pro something or against, or whatever goes against their own stand or opinions. They completely forgot that the point is about sharing opinions in order to learn things.

In the end, they ridicule your survival opinion because of that, or you do that because of their stand and opinion.

If somebody gave me one Euro for each time I saw someone's knowledge and expertise or advice being thrown away or ridiculed just because his political opinion not even connected to survival was different, I would be rich.

When the SHTF, all that counts is what you know and how prepared you are.

You may find it as a surprise but nobody gives a sh*t about your political opinion once when the S hit the fan really hard.

You will remember all chances that you had to learn something, get something, know someone, back before the SHTF, but you did not because you cared for things that are in the essence useless for survival and prepping.

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