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Why Bolsonaro Won Brazil's Presidency in a Landslide

•, Maurício F. Bento

Last Sunday, Jair M. Bolsonaro won the runoff of the 2018 Brazilian presidential election and became the 38th president of the country. He earned 55 percent of the votes against the 45 percent Fernando Haddad, the Worker's Party (PT) candidate, received.

Is Bolsonaro Really the 'Brazilian Trump'?

Most of the coverage from international media has been simplistic and is mostly repeating cliches, such as calling him the "Brazilian Trump" or comparing him to other right-wing candidates from other parts of the world. Although there are certainly some similarities to other candidates, these comparisons must be made with prudence.

Just like Trump, Bolsonaro is perceived as someone who doesn't behave the same way or say the same rehearsed lines as every other politician. He is perceived as an outsider, as he is breaking the standard polarization of the Brazilian elections between the Worker's Party and the Social Democratic Party. On the other hand, Bolsonaro has been a member of Congress, representing the state of Rio de Janeiro for almost 30 years. He is not a newcomer running for his first political position like Trump was.

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