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SpaceX's Starlink internet constellation deemed 'a license to print money'

• By Eric Ralph

A step or so further, Dr. Handley (according to a University College London colleague) suspects that a network like that proposed by SpaceX could rapidly become "a license to print money" thanks to the tangible benefits it would provide financial institutions and banks – as of today, shaving mere milliseconds off of communications latency can be a serious competitive advantage for traders.

Asked to condense his argument into a few sentences, Dr. Handley's colleague (Reddit /u/davoloid) described his excitement as such.

A Professor in Computer Science [Mark Handley] who specializes in how networks work has done a simulation of Starlink based on the available information. It will make long distance links very fast, as in, a short delay in sending a message, which we call latency. That's very important to banks and similar companies, who always want to have the fastest information. They pay a lot of money to create networks, often private ones rather than through regular commercial providers. Even with the first phase of 1600 satellites, there will be big revenues for SpaceX." – Reddit /u/davoloid, 11/2/18

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