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IQ TEST: If California's fires are caused by climate change, and if driving cars produces CO2 ..


(Natural News) Anyone daring to apply logic to a catastrophe risks being labeled "insensitive." You're supposed to fall all-in with the emotional plea of the moment, sweeping away rationality and replacing it with the convenience of conformity.

Far from being insensitive, I'm so sensitive to the pleas and suffering of those victims of this California fire that I want to know how we stop this from ever happening again. I truly feel for those people (and the animals), and I think we owe it to all Californians to figure out how this happened and do our best to stop it from happening again. That's not satire, by the way. It's genuinely what compelled me to explore this issue and write this article.

Of course, it's not socially acceptable to argue with people whose homes are on fire. That's why, when California celebrities, fire officials and media personalities all insisted that the horrific fires there were all caused by climate change, I've decided to take them at their word.

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