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Nancy Pelosi's hit list revealed (85 targets!)


House Minority Speaker Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats have a plan to grind the U.S. government to a screeching halt — and they're going to do it by launching investigation after investigation into President Donald Trump.

In fact, Democrats have eyed a list of at least 85 subpoenas they're prepared to issue to Trump and Republican leaders, once Democrats are officially are given control of the House of Representatives.

Doing so would be an unprecedented act of political partisanship that will drive a wedge further through America's political landscape. And it will start in January, incoming House Intelligence Committee Chair Adam Schiff told "Axios on HBO"on Sunday.

It won't happen all at once, of course. Each Democrat-controlled House subcommittee will prioritize what it views as the most pressing topics, and will put them forward one at a time.

One after another after another after another, until the White House legal team is completely overwhelmed.

A Democratic insider said the party is preparing ammunition for a "subpoena cannon" they're planning to load and fire at-will.

"We have our boxing gloves on," incoming House Appropriations Chair Nita said on Sunday, telling the interviewer they'll investigate "anything" they want.

"I'm ready [to rumble]," a laughing Nita said. "And so is Nancy."

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