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"Illiberal Democracy": Why Viktor Orban's Fan Base Keeps Growing In Europe

•, by Tim Kirby

This presents an interesting case of both free speech and national sovereignty. Hungary is violating the concept of free speech and freedom of association by forcing individuals to not support migrants, while the European Commission is also against acting directly against these "Western values" by trying to force Hungarians to do the opposite and deliberately using force to change a nation's opinion which brings the role of the nation-state in the EU back into question.

Hungary, despite being deep in the Postmodern Empire itself has many growing critical ideological differences with the bloc of nations that cannot be reconciled. Prime Minister Viktor Orban has many times called for the EU to return to its Christian roots in both rhetoric, and far more importantly, policy. And unlike many supposed "Euro-skeptics" Orban's government has actually built a wall and routed the flow of migrants away from Hungary. This is action and not just populist words to pacify dissent. The European Commission finds this lack of support for migrants to be some sort of violation of human rights. However due to such actions by Orban "fan base" is growing in the European "silent majority".

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Comment by Ed Price
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Hungary should keep its agreements, and so should the EU. - If there is no way to enforce the terms of an agreement, why was it made in the first place? - The USA is different. Right inside its founding documents are several ways that the people can put the government in its place. Not so the EU. If American people knew the 70 major court cases regarding private property being off limits to government, along with the Constitution and Amendments that say the same, AND the methods that government offers all people to prosecute for damages any government official who comes on his property without explicit permission, everybody would be growing and smoking his own weed. There wouldn't even be question about it as long as nobody was injured by it.

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