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A New Thermal Area Was Discovered Under Yellowstone

•, Mac Slavo

Although scientists say that this new thermal area is just simply, a normal part of Yellowstone's dynamic hydrothermal activity, the area has been slowly forming over the past two decades.  Not only that, but it was just recently spotted using infrared images of the existing Tern Lake thermal area. Obviously trying to quell the amount of talk about a supervolcano eruption, scientists insist there is no eruption coming to Yellowstone.

According to a report by, the new area is entrenched deep in Yellowstone's backcountry between West Tern Lake and the previously mapped Tern Lake thermal area. The U.S. Geological Survey confirmed the thermal area's location earlier this month while downplaying any potential for an eruption.  "This is exactly the sort of behavior we expect from Yellowstone's dynamic hydrothermal activity," R. Greg Vaughan, a research scientist with USGS, wrote in a blog post, "and it highlights that changes are always taking place, sometimes in remote and generally inaccessible areas of the park."