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Somalis All the Way Down


Even tepid support for your nation: the Holocaust. Defending your nation is now treason. Even whites' ancestral homelands in Europe are being decried as "too white." Is Somalia too black? Certainly the US could use even more incestuous Mogadishu spice, but with the West Coast becoming the Chinese lebensraum and huge swathes of the rest of the country evermore resembling Juarez, where does that leave us? According to Mollie Tibbets's father, being able to get Hepatitis A from tacos prepared by "authentic" Mexicans is more important than having a living, breathing daughter. Americans don't want to make those tacos anyway. Plus, we "stole" the land, so bringing in even more people who are not indigenous to the Americas, or who have mixed European ancestry, makes all the sense in the world. Besides, it's not like there have been a plethora of studies (not to mention historical evidence) questioning the veracity of the thesis of "diversity as strength." As such, we are expected to internalize the following, that immigration is:

1.     Enriching

2.     Economically necessary

3.     A moral imperative

4.     A punishment

5.     Inevitable

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