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This kit makes it shockingly easy (and pretty) to farm your own algae at home


Algae is really good for you. Besides being about 60% solid protein and chock full of vitamins, researchers have also found that it can boost your immune system and even help you exercise longer. But how to get it? You can take a health supplement—or you could grow it yourself using a new, easy-to-use algae farm.

Designed by recent Rhode Island School of Design master's program graduate Hyunseok AnThe Coral is a farming system that consists of 16 cells that are meant to be hung on a wall. You add a little bit of micro-algae to each one, along with purified water, salt, and some algae food (which is available for purchase online), and turn on an air pump that's connected to all the cells. The algae uses the carbon dioxide inside your house as fuel as it slowly grows. This is the same role it plays on the planet at large: Algae pulls 10 times as much carbon dioxide from the air as regular plants, which means having an algae farm at home is going to be much more efficient at purifying your air than your typical houseplants.

Over the course of about two weeks, each of the cells will slowly turn more and more green. The color acts as a visual cue for when to harvest; once a cell has turned dark blue-green, you strain the water out using a mesh filter. 

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