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With Quantum SpeedUp Proven Will There Be Quantum Manhattan Projects?

•, by Brian Wang

Will there be Quantum Manhattan Projects?

Phase 1a – Scale existing superconducting technology to 1000 or so non-error-corrected qubits.
Phase 1b – Try to get better qubits and couplers for lower error rate and improved speed for 10000+ non-error-corrected qubits
Phase 2 – Get as fast as possible to error-corrected qubits in the million to trillion qubit range.

There is already hundreds of millions of dollars going into quantum computing projects.

China has talked about putting tens of billions of dollars into quantum technology. This included quantum radar and not just quantum computing.

Current competitors like Intel, Google, IBM, Facebook and Microsoft are each spending tens of millions of dollars on quantum computing projects.

Will tens of billions of dollars get committed for focused quantum computing projects?