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Red Bull smash world record for fastest F1 pit-stop after taking just 1.82 SECONDS to...


Max Verstappen's victory at Sunday's Brazilian Grand Prix was already memorable for the way he passed Lewis Hamilton twice on the circuit to land his eighth F1 win.

But there was another cause for celebration among his mechanics after they set a new F1 record for the fastest ever pit-stop during the race at Interlagos.

With a service time of just 1.82 seconds, the team managed to stop the Dutchman's car, change all four tyres and then set him on his way again.

It was his first pit-stop during the race and was crucial in his battle to emerge on the track in front of Lewis Hamilton who had already pitted and was looking to take the lead in Sao Paulo.

Unfortunately for Verstappen, Red Bull's hard work in the pit-lane was all for nothing as he was immediately obstructed by the Williams of Robert Kubica that was dangerously released in front of him, forcing him to slow down and take evasive action. 

Kubica was hit with a penalty for getting in the way, which resulted in Verstappen emerging behind Hamilton on the track.

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