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Actor Rob Schneider speaks out against forced vaccinations, Americans can make their health choices

• Natural News by: Ethan Huff

In declaring that free speech includes all speech, "[e]ven the speech that you find repugnant," Schneider emphasized the fact that the American public doesn't need technocrats like Jeff Bezos, Mark Zuckerberg, Jack Dorsey, and Sundar Pichai "deciding FOR us what to think, see or hear."

"That's a load of totalitarian crap," Schneider wrote about what these tech giants are doing, specifically singling out Amazon for "banning books that dare question medical orthodoxy."

Schneider is referring, of course, to Amazon's draconian decision back in the summer to ban all documentaries, books, and movies that in any way question the safety and effectiveness of government-sanctioned vaccines.

As it turns out, expressing any type of skepticism about vaccines on social media is now looked at as spreading "misinformation." And Big Tech has decided to use this "misinformation" designation as an excuse to silence people who reject the pro-vaccine propaganda being pushed by the government, mainstream media, academia, and Big Tech itself.

You can be sure that Schneider is sustaining plenty of flack for his pro-First Amendment stance, as it goes against the grain of not just Hollywood but the entire establishment as we currently know it.

Even supposedly "conservative" news outlets like Fox News and The Daily Caller are lying to their viewers and readers about the "benefits" of vaccination, as well as the "threat" of "anti-vaxxers" spreading "misinformation" online.

Both the Left and the Right are constantly pushing pro-vaccine propaganda

As you may recall, it was former Texas Governor Rick Perry, a Republican, who signed an executive order mandating that all sixth-grade girls in the Lone Star State receive a three-jab regiment of Merck & Co.'s Gardasil vaccine for human papillomavirus.

Gardasil, along with its counterpart Cervarix (GlaxoSmithKline), is a high-risk vaccine that's harmed and killed thousands of young girls. It also comes with scant evidence that it provides any benefits whatsoever beyond simply filling the coffers of Big Pharma with tens of billions of dollars in profits.

"Before backing down, Perry's Republican administration smeared Gardasil-mandate critics as fear-mongers and vaccine-skeptical parents as public health threats, while Merck's political action committee dumped nearly $400,000 into the Republican Governors Association (Perry's largest donor)," writes conservative commentator Michelle Malkin about what transpired following Perry's executive order.

"I was dismissed as 'fringe' for exposing shady science and conflicts of interest."

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