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Tyrants Cracking Down Upon Americans Growing Their Own Food...

•, By Susan Duclos

Suddenly Americans, many of which previously thought that "preppers" and "survivalists" were crazy people that needed tin foil hats because they believed the "conspiracy theory" that some event would  happen that could cause a number of things, including food shortages, or rioting, civil unrest, among other possible consequences from said event, have decided that "Hey, prepping might not be such a bad idea!"

Make no mistake, I am not mocking those late to the party on prepping, better late than never. But I am pointing out that waiting until after we start seeing food shortages, civil unrest, and protests is like closing the barn door after most the animals had already escaped.

It is quite literally impossible to catch up all at once. 

Try to buy a few years worth of food from a emergency survival food company now, and most are sold out or announcing that it could take a month or three to even ship your order