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US Total Death Impact Of "COVID-19" With Its Lockdown

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Total USA death count is way up since mid-March

No, its not flu or pneumonia which is being rebranded by the CDC

The inflated "COVID-19" numbers are only 38% (30k) of total increase near 80k

Traffic volume (accident deaths) is down by 38% (est 6,146) in the time frame

About 50,000 unexplained additional deaths in 5-weeks

Most likely causes: stress and suicide due to "COVID-19" lockdown imposed to cover for the financial collapse caused by the global financial elite.

Don't be fooled when these deaths are falsely reported as a "second wave"

The body count will increase dramatically due to violence, water contamination and then starvation as the social order breaks down because of the economic destruction caused by the lockdown

There is no situation so dire that government can't make it far far worse. WE DON'T NEED THEM OR THEIR GLOBAL FINANCIAL ELITE OWNERS!!!

There is finally enough CDC Mortality Surveillance data to determine the impact of "COVID-19". Total deaths data is evaluated and compared with the prior week. It's less likely to be manipulated than the categories within which are used for propaganda these days. This analysis is similar to my prior post, but now starts with week 11 (ending 14 March) when total deaths clearly ramp up. Lockdowns began 17 March in week 12. Better traffic data is used to estimate that death reduction, plus a few minor corrections.

See graphs, link to analysis file and more in linked article.

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