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Modern Medicine Attempts To Closet Hydroxychloroquine (HCQ)...

•, By Bill Sardi

The American Death Care Industry is giving the vaccine companies all the fear needed to create panic demand for a rushed-to-market COVID-19 vaccine that will be assuredly safe (for healthy adults) but still be a killer (for the millions of diabetic, obese, nursing home, African-American, autoimmune Americans who don't readily produce antibodies).

In fact, Chicago officials say they have already purchased the syringes and spotted locations for vaccination stations (video taken down).

As if Americans aren't catching on this pandemic was pre-planned from the beginning (see CDC advertisement for quarantine managers in November of 2019).

The CDC couldn't provide masks, ventilators or come up with any alternate medicine to employ and appear to have been intentionally caught empty-handed in order to create fear and panic in the American population.

But a vaccine, oh, that will surely arrive on time even though most vaccines take years to prove safety (recall the rushed-to-market Swine Flu vaccine campaign for a flu epidemic that never materialized).  The flu death numbers just need priming to keep the masses on the edge of death.