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Multiple Historic Revolutions of SpaceX Superheavy Starship

•, by Brian Wang

The SpaceX Superheavy Starship will embody or enable eight or more human history scale breakthroughs.

* fully rapidly reusable rockets
* Each Starship an ISS space station sized base that is ready to go
* cities in space
* Mass production of rockets at the scale of commercial passenger plane production
* Cost of rockets at twenty times lower cost
* one hour anywhere movement of cargo and people on earth
* creation of super factories for rockets
* Industrialization of space
* Creation of ultra-highbroadband global communication

Nextbigfuture already described how full rocket reusability with a super heavy class rocket will be transform space access similar to how Caravel sailing ships enabled the Age of Exploration in the 1500s possible.

If the SpaceX Superheavy Starship establishes the space industry, sustainable and permanent colonization of near earth, cislunar, moon, asteroids and Mars then it will be historically bigger than the Caravel and DC-3 combined.

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