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V-Shaped Narrative Dies As Commercial Real Estate Bust Accelerates

• by Tyler Durden

Reopening in some of these states has also been delayed as retailers close up brick and mortar shops for a second time. 

With that being said - the V-shaped recovery narrative is imploding - as many on Wall Street indiscriminately bought stocks (some used picking Scrabble letters to buy) as their belief in the Federal Reserve's money-printing would lift the economy out of one of the worst downturns since the 1930s. 

Though the economy was never lifted in a V-shaped formation, instead, the stock market rose to new highs as wreckless financial speculation led to an army of Robinhood daytraders buying bankrupted companies

With the euphoric period likely behind us, notably, because the Fed's balance sheet has contracted over the last several weeks and virus cases across the country are soaring - we now turn our attention to the commercial real estate bust.