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"Small Government" is an Empty Republican Mantra

• by Jacob G. Hornberger

After all, what does "small government" mean? A smaller IRS? A more streamlined DEA? A fascist Social Security system? A reformed Medicare system? A 10 percent cut in the military budget. Fewer CIA assassinations? Less coups and invasions of foreign countries? Reduced secret surveillance? Less immigration highway checkpoints within the United States? A reduction in no-knock raids and asset forfeiture? A smaller border wall?

It's revealing that some advocates of "big government" are saying that the coronavirus crisis brought an end to the "era of small government." They're saying that we were living under "small government" before the crisis.

Libertarianism is about freedom. How are any of the things listed above consistent with freedom? They aren't. They are also aspects of tyranny and oppression. So, why do some libertarians employ the "small government" mantra of Republicans and conservatives?