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Elon Musk says he WON'T get a coronavirus vaccine because he's 'not at risk'-


the_sky_is_falling 372 points 14 hours ago +380 / -8

This pandemic for me has proven that the majority are truly sheep and technically if you want to win, kill a few and the rest will move to your point of view.

If anything, this pandemic has proven that if our side keeps thinking we can obey the law and fight, we can win - you are the delusional one.

When the cops and judges openly mock you, the AGs and Governors openly call for your prosecution for following the law, when the voting scam is fully exposed, you don't sit back and try and fight this peacefully.

You're the fool if you do.

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rebelde_sin_causa 155 points 14 hours ago +158 / -3

Lacking any significant paramilitary organization, acting through the law is all we can reasonably do. If GEOTUS said "Come to Washington with your gun and kill some deep state motherfuckers" I would show up. But absent such a call, I'd be just another "lone white supremacist terrorist." A 2 day story in the msm. Perhaps mentioned with Cesar Sayoc and Kyle Rittenhouse.

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ekos640 88 points 14 hours ago +88 / -0

Isn't this what 'well regulated militias' are for and intended for?

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