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The Truth About Vaccines (TTAV) streams tomorrow… and with coronavirus vaccines

• Natural News - Mike Adams

(Natural News) With coronavirus vaccines just around the corner, it's more important than ever to learn the truth about vaccines. Beginning tomorrow, the complete 10-episode docu-series, "The Truth About Vaccines" streams online, for free (registration required).

Click here to register and watch all the episodes for free.

Here's some of what the TTAV video series covers:

The History of Vaccines: Vaccination programs are given credit for eradicating some of the most devastating illnesses of the past, but they're no longer immune to controversy of their own.

Vaccine Risks and Safety Concerns: Concerns about vaccine injuries, mercury toxicity, and autism have increased substantially in recent years, and public debate is once again heating up.

Full List of Options and Alternatives: You don't have to pro- or anti-vaccine anymore. New options are available to guard against serious illness, based on your unique situation and risk factors.

ALL NEW Episodes for 2020:

– "Censorship & Suppression"
– "W.H.O.'s Not Telling the Truth?"
– "Vaccines 101 (Vanquishing the 'Vaccinati' with Veracity)"