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Wrapping up 2020: Top 5 Android Threats You Need to Know

•, Brian Wang

The creativity that is involved is amazing and cybercriminals continue to develop new ways to attack our systems and steal data.

Whilst Android devices appear to be attacked much more due to their popularity, in fact, analysts also say that Apple users often have an unwarranted sense of security as these issues can also happen to them.

In this article, we're looking at some of the trends that have emerged in mobile cybercrime in 2020 and highlighting some of the ways you can defeat online hackers.

Threat 1 – LeifAccess or Shopper

According to the McAfee 2020 mobile threat report this malware first appeared in 2019 and has become more prevalent during 2020.

Spreading quickly across the US and South America, it produces spurious 'threat reports' that encourage the user to click on links that then set off a chain of malware downloads.

These can range from auto-downloading apps, generating fake clicks on websites and creating accounts and posting fake reviews.

One of the worst aspects is that it uses some of the features required for accessibility that allow people who face obstacles to using their device to do so.

Features such as voice command and the automation of background tasks mean that click fraud and app downloads can be activated by the malware.