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They Are Coming After Me

•, By Tom Woods

What I'm about to write is sadly necessary, even if it means interrupting my usual newsletter.

As you might imagine, a guy in my position finds himself the object of attack from time to time.

Now I'll be a sport and admit that like anyone, I'm of course not beyond criticism. But the kinds of things said about me in a particular sliver of the libertarian world are so grossly disproportionate to any actual offense or so wildly uncharitable in their interpretations of what I do that my supporters and I are left speechless.

People ask, "Why all this effort to make you out to be something anyone who listens to you for 10 minutes knows you obviously aren't?"

But remember how the left operates. Everything is hysteria. If you don't favor lockdowns, for example, you're an instrument of white supremacy. You cannot have a rational conversation with people like this.

Now by the way, it's not the left-wing of the libertarian world per se that has these alleged problems with me. (I say "alleged" because I doubt they actually believe their own criticisms; this is simple tribalism at work. No one could believe these criticisms — more on which below.) The scholarly left-libertarians — like the prolific and brilliant Gary Chartier, to whom I devoted an entire week of Tom Woods Show episodes — are perfectly cordial with me.

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