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After 20 Years and over $2.26 Trillion, the US Has Lost Its Longest War in Afghanistan


Another lost war! Another denial!

The US actually began its war on the people of Afghanistan back during the presidency of Jimmy Carter, who foolishly followed the advice of his Russia-hating, rabidly anti-Communist Polish emigre National Security Director Zbigniew Brzezinski.

Brzezinski, in mid-1979, successfully convinced the gullible Carter to launch Operation Cyclone, a $20-billion, 10-year CIA effort to fund and train the Islamic Mujahideen– largely ethnic Pashtun fighters based in neighboring Pakistan — to undermine the Soviet-backed Communist government in Afghanistan.

A brutal bunch of armed religious zealots, these CIA-backed Mujahideen fighters were successful in undermining the Communist government led  by a series of Communist leaders. That, as "Zbig" had hoped and anticipated, led a reluctant Soviet Union to invade the country to prevent the government's collapse.