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Canadian doc speaks out on countless COVID vax side effects she has witnessed

•, Anthony Murdoch

An Alberta physician who witnessed first-hand adverse reactions to the COVID injections said "humanity" can find a better way to combat the virus besides mandating the jabs for all healthcare workers.

"I have a strong conscientious objection to what precedent will be established if healthcare workers concede to this mandate in the current backdrop of the medical-government-industry complex. I strongly believe that humanity can come up with better and more humane solutions than coercing 15 to 20 percent of their fellow human beings into taking an irreversible, novel technology," wrote an Alberta physician in a September letter to Dr. Verna Yiu, Alberta Health Services (AHS) CEO. "I have weighed the risks and benefits, taking into consideration my personal health history and have decided that this vaccination poses risks and uncertainties with no benefit to me since I have good reason to believe that I am already immune."