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Immigration raid foiled as hundreds block their way

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Scorsby was on the ground at yesterday's spectacular, and successful, effort to deter an immigration raid in Edinburgh. At around a quarter to six the first call-outs began. An immigration raid van had been spotted outside a popular restaurant in the center of Edinburgh and people were calling for assistance. By 7.30pm over two hundred people had gathered, with more flooding in all the time. The vans were surrounded and blockaded and the police, while present, had informed the immigration cops that they did not have the power to disperse the crowds. By 9pm we had won. After negotiations, the officers agreed to de-arrest the workers they had detained and to leave in their vans. Under close observation by the crowd, ready to move fast if any subterfuge took place, the immigration officers slunk away in the police cars, abandoning their own vans for the time being. 

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