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Help Sun Devil Motorsports to Competition!

• PitchFounder - Sun Devil Motorsports

Why should you support our campaign?

Our team has been hard at work every single day since the 2022 competition ended to design, plan, and manufacture our brand new 2023 car. Thousands of hours have been put into the car each year by our student members out of pure love for automotive engineering. Your support will help us finance completion of the car as well as help us transport the team and the car to the May 2023 competition in Brooklyn, Michigan. Read more for more information about our club, what we do, and most importantly: why we do what we do.

What is Sun Devil Motorsports?

Sun Devil Motorsports is Arizona State University's competing team for the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) Collegiate Design Series Formula SAE Competition. Sun Devil Motorsports consists of students of various engineering and business backgrounds, boasting the largest roster of any ASU engineering team. We develop and manufacture a fully operational race-car in-house to race in the annual Formula SAE competition, this year hosted in Brooklyn, Michigan. Through the development and competition of the car, students are developing their technical engineering skills and teamwork professionally while being challenged to perform outside the classroom to produce outstanding results. The team exists for one sole reason: to build the best engineers and business personnel out of ASU.

Here is a picture of the team at the 2022 Michigan Formula SAE competition alongside the 2022 race-car (codename SDM-22):

What is Formula SAE?

SAE stands for Society of Automotive Engineers; it is a global society made up of automotive engineers from various companies, all with the purpose of creating a better future for the automotive industry. SAE is a highly accredited society, setting up standards and regulations that we have today in automotive. One of the collegiate design competitions that SAE offers is Formula SAE, where universities compete against each other in designing, building and driving a racecar from the ground up to compete for a hypothetical contract to mass produce their prototype. Essentially, the cars are judged based on their designs, business plans, and dynamic performance.

Here is a picture of our car at the 2019 competition parked next to cars from other universities:

The Passion: Why we do what we do?

The year is 1992, and ASU comes into the Michigan Formula SAE competition with the most impressive contender. Boasting technology that was just introduced in professional top tier racing series such as Formula 1, ASU's car was state of the art. It won four awards: Best Use of Composites, Best Engineering Design, Best M85 Fuel Economy, Best Prototype Fabrication.

Here is the 1992 ASU car competing at Michigan:

Fast forward 20 years later, a group of engineering students found the car collecting dust. This developed the idea of reincarnating the club into what it is today.