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Democrats Declare the First Amendment to be a Fascist Document

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America's two best journalists, Glenn Greenwald and Matt Taibbi, both come from the left, and Greenwald is homosexual.  Both have been evicted from their positions and Greenwald was even forced out of the Internet media company that he created.  The reason is that they told the truth and would not lie for the Democrats and Woke anti-Constitutional left that is determined to impose on Americans the same speech and thought control that characterizes Big Brother's regime in George Orwell's 1984.

1984 is now the American and the Western world. We are living a 73-year old novel. Greenwald explains that in 2006 the American left and right agreed that it was unconscionable that distinguished World War II Historian David Irving or anyone could be imprisoned for expressing his views.  In Irving's case, he was invited to Austria to speak, and he was arrested and imprisoned for 3 years for views he had expressed 17 years previously on the evidence that existed at that time.  Austria and most of Europe had criminalized the expression of views about the holocaust that did not conform with the official Jewish narrative. 

As Greenwald points out, no one 16 years ago, except the ADL, thought legislation against free speech was permissible.

Today, less than two decades later, Greenwald reports that the American left and the Democrat Party associate free speech with fascism and far right extremists.  Three-fourths of Democrats today believe in suppressing speech that is "offensive" to them, to blacks, and to Jews and that disagrees with official narratives.  And so do approximately one-third of Republicans.

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Look at it this way. When you use your freedom of speech to claim that freedom of speech is fascist, all you are saying is that YOU are fascist, by using the thing that you decry. So, why not be honest for a moment, and go all the way. Tell us that the whole government is fascist and that the Constitution is fascist. I mean, don't we all enjoy our freedom in our fascism?