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The COVID-19 "Vaccines" Are Weapons Developed by the U.S. Military

•, by Brian Shilhavy

With more of the American public waking up to the fact that the COVID-19 shots are linked to the epidemic of "sudden deaths," these rushed-to-market emergency use authorized (EUA) "vaccines" are gaining more scrutiny by many in the Alternative Media, and there is now ample evidence that the U.S. Department of Defense has been behind the funding and development of these shots from the beginning.

First referred to as the "War Against the Virus" by President Donald Trump in 2020, it is obvious now that this was a planned military operation all along, and the military operation that released federal funding to fast-track these weapons of mass destruction that are called "vaccines," was also given a military name: Operation Warp Speed.

The U.S. Military program is a huge black hole that swallows $TRILLIONS each year, and we don't even know where half of that money goes, because the Pentagon has failed all of its audits for the past 5 years, and in 2022 it could not account for over half of its assets. (Source.)

They don't even pretend to be fixing this problem anytime soon, because they have publicly stated that they "hope" to be able to pass their first audit by 2027. (Source.)

After two years of funding military spending on COVID "Counter Measures" to fight the "unseen" enemy of "COVID," much of that funding switched over to Ukraine at the beginning of 2022.

The Brownstone Institute has just published a nice summary of the evidence that none of the EUA shots would have been possible without the U.S. Military, and that most of this has been hidden from the public.