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Biden is Toast: The Lies of Obama-Biden

•, By Cliff Kincaid

Obama campaigned under false pretenses as a Christian when he was a Marxist mole in the American political system. Now, Obama-Biden secret documents are being found in a closet and a garage.  I suspect Obama's hand behind Biden's latest scandal.

For his part, when he ran in 2008, Obama must have figured that since the major media were failing to seriously examine his background, they would be prepared to overlook or at least minimize Joe Biden's history of plagiarism. It was a good bet. Charges of plagiarism drove Biden from the presidential race in 1988. But they didn't become a factor in 2008, when Obama picked Biden as his vice-president, or 2020, when Biden ran as president.

Everybody knows that Biden, like Santos, had a tendency to exaggerate or embellish but Biden's career flourished since those incidents. It's because he served the interests of the elites devoted to what Biden in a Wall Street Journal called the "New World Order."

Now, apparently, Biden can be discarded. I suspect Obama is pulling the strings behind the scene.  After all, to repeat, "Obama-Biden documents" are being discovered.

In terms of Obama, at the real center of this scandal, we don't need a special counsel to learn that Barack Hussein Obama campaigned in 2008 as a Christian but was never baptized a Christian in the traditional sense.  On the other hand, Biden campaigned as a Catholic who didn't take seriously Catholic teachings seriously.