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The US meat supply may soon be widely contaminated with mRNA proteins from biotech "vaccines

• by Mike Adams

As we've seen with human beings, mRNA injections can:

Circulate throughout the entire body and end up in blood and organs.

Cause the body to produce toxic proteins which can cause toxic effects.

Clog arteries and end up killing or harming people from strokes or heart attacks.

Alter chromosomes and cause permanent genetic changes to the organism.

Hypodermic needles, it turns out, aren't the only way these mRNA instructions can be introduced into the human body. They can also be swallowed, or they can enter through skin contact. Merely handling raw meat contaminated with mRNA products is likely the equivalent to being exposed to "shedding" from vaccine recipients. And even though stomach acid likely destroys mRNA sequences, there is absorption that takes place in the mouth, under the tongue, which is why many medications and supplements — including CBD oils and zinc — are often best absorbed under the tongue rather than being swallowed.

Thus, merely introducing mRNA-vaccinated animal meat products into your mouth, if not fully cooked, may expose you to a kind of "food shedding" of mRNA products that can be absorbed into your blood and circulated throughout your body. This can include proteins which are alien to the human body.

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