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Historian Warned Long Ago Of Govt Genocide:

• By Stefan Stanford

According to political scientist and researcher R.J. Rummel, who spent his adult life studying genocide carried out by government's, coining the term 'democide' for the murders carried out by governments, such as the genocides of Nazi Germany, the Stalinist purges, Mao Zedong's Cultural Revolution, and other authoritarian, totalitarian, or undemocratic regimes, murders carried out directly by governments in the 20th century towered over the numbers of deaths from wars, plagues, and pandemics/epidemics during the same time period. 

With such 'mass murders' carried out directly by criminal, authoritarian government's upon their own people, and taking diverse forms such as intentionally caused famines as well as "by incarcerating people in camps where they may soon die of malnutrition, unattended disease, and forced labor, or deporting them into wastelands where they may die rapidly from exposure and disease," Rummel in his research found a correlation with authoritarianism and totalitarianism, which he considered to be a significant causative factor in 'democides.' 

Direly warning before he died in 2014 that there is a relation between political power and democide. Political mass murder grows increasingly common as political power becomes unconstrained,  but at the other end of the scale, where power is diffuse, checked, and balanced, political violence is a rarity, think about what is happening here in the USA right now, with a massive die-off in progress soon after what many have called a 'coup' during the 2020 elections that saw braindead-Joe 'installed' in the White House and Democrats making a very real attempted power grab towards having eternal, unrestrained power.