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Governed by Idiots

•, by Lee Duigon

Here are just a few examples.

In Norway, the University of Bergen has spent over a million dollars to "research" whether—how can I say this in a way that doesn't sound ridiculous?—white paint is… racist… and "contributes to white supremacy". You almost get a sense that Norway's academic fat-heads are jealous of the stupidities practiced by their colleagues in other Western countries, and want very badly to catch up.

Uh-oh. Here in America we have this building called "the White House," where a dotard claiming to be president lives when he's not on vacation, or hiding. Well, they say America's a racist hell-hole, don't they? Next thing you know, they'll be painting the White House black.

Meanwhile, Europe is on fire with war between Russia and Ukraine, the Chicoms are making noises about invading Taiwan, communists are taking over Brazil… but our State Dept. has other fish to fry.

This is another thing that's going to sound silly. The baboons in our State Dept. have decided that all their documents must be reprinted in another type font. For some years they've been using Times New Roman. Now it seems that this typeface has to go… because it has serifs. Serifs supposedly make the documents "inaccessible" to readers with certain "disabilities." Blah, blah. So they're going to reprint everything in Calibri, a type face without serifs. How much this is going to cost, we have not been told.