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A Look Behind the GOP's "Dark Path" – It's Just Anti-Globalism, Absent Good Messag

•, By Steven Yates

"It is pictures rather than propositions, metaphors rather than statements, which determine most of our philosophical convictions." ? Richard Rorty

Someone named Jill Lawrence at USA Today recently opined:

… the Republican Party is on a dark path and should not hold power anywhere until it comes back into the light. That's especially true on Capitol Hill. Congressional math is unforgiving. If there is just one more Republican than Democrat in the House or Senate, a power-obsessed party in thrall to election deniers and conspiracists will control committees, agendas, investigations, and leadership positions.

This is from an article entitled "If you care about your country and your rights, don't vote for any Republicans in 2022." Since the article was dated Tuesday, January 24, 2023, I presume she means "don't vote for any Republicans in 2024." Proofreading does not appear to be USA Today's strong suit (or Yahoo's, which aggregated the article).

That aside … "dark path"?

It's an interesting image Lawrence has foisted on us, one presumably be shared by a lot of Northeast-based pundits and fake-pundits.