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ChatGPT: the NFT of 2023


 In case you're interested, it clumsily stands for Chat Generative Pre-trained Transformer.

But we're not here to talk about product names. This company, OpenAI, and its principal product, the aforementioned terribly-named invention, has been slathered all over the news for weeks now, and any company that is even vaguely associated with AI has seen their stock explode higher.

I'm not coming to this subject as a naïve nay-sayer. In spite of all appearances, I don't just roll my eyes at anything new. Just about any truly revolutionary product that has come along in the past fifty years, whether it's home computers, the iPhone, the Tesla, etc. I've been one of the very first people to buy it. But I think this ChatGPT thing is blown utterly out of proportion.

One clue is all the tacky come-ons that have hit the market telling people how they can make a fortune with this technology. I know there is an enormous industry of hucksters that appeal to the double-digit IQ crowd as ways to get rich quick. Every single one of these come-ons flies in the face of common sense and basic economics, but their target audience is too stupid to see they are being snowed.