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The Greatest Hero and Villain of Our Times

• arclein

"This is a case of murder. It is not a case of disease, it is not a case of a pandemic, this is a case of murder, and the people currently doing delivery of the agent of that murder are, in fact, people who wear lab coats. If they wore anything else, if they wore hoodies, if they wore anything else, we'd call them 'murderers.' Right now, we call them 'doctors.' The fact of the matter is this is premeditated global terrorism. This is premeditated domestic terrorism, and this is premeditated racketeering," says Martin. (For full transcript and video.) In every country or state that still has the death penalty, countless thousands should be worried and losing sleep every night. Martin and his colleagues are focusing on bringing to justice the criminal prosecution of medical terrorists who have aided and abetted in the murder of millions of people.