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Arrest That Corpse!


This begs the question about the morality of what government does – unless one takes the position that legality and morality are synonymous. In which case it is hard to understand why the leaders of National Socialist Germany – always important spell out the socialism that was at the core of that murderous regime – were prosecuted after World War II, given that the crimes they were charged with weren't criminal, as a matter of (German National Socialist) law.

Government morality seems to boil down to this: If you do not follow its laws, government workers will – ultimately – kill you.

A young man named Chase Allen, who was 25-years-old, is dead because of a chain of events that began when a government worker decided to enforce a law requiring his car (all cars) to be "registered" with the government. Chase did not believe he had a moral obligation to "register" his car with the government and so he didn't, apparently.

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