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Can You Take Chickens Camping? (How & Why?!)

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Table of Contents

1 An RV Lifestyle Facebook group member asked, "Can you take chickens camping?" Here's how the RV community responded…

2 Why Did the Chicken Cross the Campsite…

3 All Joking Aside…Do Chickens Make Good Travel Companions?

3.1 Low Maintenance

3.2 Surprisingly Quiet

3.3 An EGGcellent Advantage

4 The Friendliest Chicken Breeds

4.1 How Do I Adopt a Chicken?

5 BUT WAIT?! CAN You Take Chickens Camping?

6 How Do I RV with a Chicken?

6.1 Space for Sleeping

6.2 Enclosed Area for Moving Around

6.3 Temperature Control

6.4 Taking Your Chicken for Walks

6.5 Chicken Diapers are a Thing

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So many of us RVers love to camp with our dogs and even our cats. But what about chickens? 

Surprisingly, many folks love bringing a chicken with them on the road. 

One of our RV Lifestyle Facebook members, Jennifer, recently posed a unique question on our group page. 

She asked: "Does anyone RV with a chicken?" 

As you can imagine, this post received a lot of attention. There were many jokes and humorous asides made. But there were also a lot of great suggestions on how to best travel with your feathered friends.