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Dissent Into Madness: Projections of the Psychopaths


In Part 2 of this series, "Crazy Conspiracy Theorists," I detailed how conspiracy theorizing is being pathologized as a mental disorder and how this false diagnosis is being used to justify the forced psychiatric detention and medication of 9/11 truthers and COVID dissenters.

This week, I will examine the great irony of the situation we find ourselves in: that those who are wielding the psychological weapon against any would-be dissenters are themselves driven by a psychopathological disorder . . .

Being Sane in An Insane Society

If you are reading this column, chances are you're already aware of just how insane our society can be.

Maybe you first realized something was deeply wrong with our world when you noticed the discrepancy between what most people actually believe—that JFK was assassinated as the result of a conspiracy, for example—and what you're expected to say in "polite" society—namely, that the Warren Commission got to the bottom of the matter and that anyone who questions its findings is a crazy conspiracy theorist.

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