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How To Cancel Woke U

•, By Walter E. Block

Political correctness, wokeism, DIE, cultural and economic Marxism, Black History Month, affirmative action, anti-racism, allyship, non-colorblind, hetero-normativity, trigger warnings, cultural appropriation reign pretty much unopposed, at least on campus.

Thank God for Governors DeSantis of Florida and Abbott of Texas.  They, along with the legislatures of a dozen or so additional states, have been trying to do something about this disgrace in academia.

But these folks are like the boy who put his finger in the hole in the dike — well intentioned, but all but powerless to keep the waters from rising and continuing to overwhelm higher education.

The first foray of the good guys was to enquire as to the amount of money spent on DIE for attacks on academic freedom.  The bad guys responded, exultantly, "less than 1%."  They were saying, in effect, that this can hardly amount to any significant threat to the university mandate — namely, to be a bastion of open inquiry.

Nonsense on stilts.  A virus can wreak havoc on the human person, even given that it weighs far less than 1% of total body weight.  Ditto for a nail in the tire, which again accounts for an infinitesimal proportion of the car's total weight.  A few teeny, tiny cancer cells can spell the death knell for their relatively heavy host.  In the magnificent movie The Mouse That Roared, Peter Sellers (who played pretty much all the roles) was the general of a country like Monaco or Liechtenstein, yet his army of about a dozen soldiers conquered the entire United States military (the bigger they are, the harder they fall).

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