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Enhancing Post-9/11 Safety: Armed Pilots

• by Gun Owners of America

But 9/11 served as a wake-up call as well. In the wake of the attacks, the Transportation Security Administration was created, and steps were taken to harden security at airports and inside commercial aircraft.

But 22 years later, the TSA is little more than "security theatre." The agency has come under frequent criticism from journalistspoliticians, and even previous heads of the agency itself.

The criticism didn't appear out of thin air either, as undercover probes of TSA by the Department of Homeland Security revealed that in 2015, screeners did not find 95% of weapons, drugs, and explosives being smuggled through airport security. In 2017, it was again reported that TSA continues to fail above 80% of its tests.

While we certainly hope that this number continues to improve, TSA only provides its numbers of firearms found at checkpoints. These "catches" usually happen when gun owners forget their firearms in their carry-on bags.

Additionally, a House Oversight Committee report found that TSA wasted hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars on equipment that spends most of its "useful life" in storage. During the investigation for the report, TSA tried to hide its misuse of taxpayer funds by providing "inaccurate, incomplete, and potentially misleading information to Congress in order to conceal the agency's continued mismanagement of warehouse operations."