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EU Threatens To Block X; Musk Demands Concrete Examples Of Alleged "Disinformation"

•, by John Cody

Thierry Breton, the Commissioner for Internal Market of the European Union, has long threatened to take action against X with a wave of censorship, issued a public warning to Musk, claiming the platform failed to take action against illegal content related to Saturday's Hamas terror attack on Israel. Breton threatened that Musk has 24 hours to respond to the claims being made.

"Public media and civil society organisations widely report instances of fake and manipulated images and facts circulating on your platform in the EU, such as repurposed old images of unrelated armed conflicts or military footage that actually originated from video games. This appears to be manifestly false or misleading information," Breton wrote.

Musk, however, is asking for specific examples to back the claim and responded directly to Breton's tweet.

Breton responded to Musk's comment, claiming Musk is aware of the reports from "users" and authorities," to which Musk responded that Breton should publish any reports openly on the platform. Breton has not responded and so far has kept the world community in the dark about the EU's claims of disinformation.

Musk also responded to another user, saying he had not seen anything substantiating the EU's claims, writing: "Maybe it's in the mail or something."