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Where to Start?

•, By eric

There's a simple answer: Stop agreeing with it.

The same goes for the Right, by the way – which regularly agrees with the Left. That's why the Left progresses, while the Right conserves next-to-nothing.

For example, the Right – conservatives – will readily abandon any pretense of desiring a smaller, less expensive, less intrusive government when the government tells them it's time to go to war. Even when the war is not America's war – and when the government is under the control of the Left. Viz, the embarrassing (and depressing) "standing" with Ukraine – and now, Israel – by many conservatives. Who aren't conserving anything thereby.

Just wait if the war metastasizes and Joe Biden becomes a "war president." The Right will fall into line behind the Left. There will be no more talk of the Left's crimes – because "we're all in this together."

The Left has used "the schools" to indoctrinate at least the past two generations of young people – Millennials and Gen Z – with the doctrines of the Left. And the Right has helped to finance it – by steadfastly raising (and defending) the property taxes used to finance "the schools," which many conservatives support as avidly as they do the military and its "civilian" adjunct, law enforcement. Many conservatives love the law – as such – and those who enforce it. They "back the blue" – even though it's generally black (like the Gestapo) nowadays and far more like the Gestapo in fact as well as appearance.

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