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Podcast -- Dr. Michael Rectenwald -- From Marxism to Liberty and How to Rec the Regime in 2024


In this riveting episode of The Free Thought Project podcast, hosts Jason and Matt are joined by Dr. Michael Rectenwald, a former NYU professor, renowned author, and most recently, a presidential hopeful for the Libertarian nomination in 2024. Dr. Rectenwald's rich journey from a committed Marxist to a Libertarian makes for a compelling backdrop to our discussions.

We begin by delving into the recent devastating conflict between Israel and Gaza, analyzing Israel's severe response to Hamas's initial provocation. Dr. Rectenwald shares insights on the complex geopolitical situation and its ramifications.

Another portion of our conversation centers around Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) practices and their increasing influence. We explore how ESG, ostensibly rooted in sustainable and ethical practices, can and is weaponized as a tool for control, potentially stifling innovation and freedom in the process.

Navigating through Dr. Rectenwald's ideological transformation provides a fresh perspective on many of the issues plaguing our world today. As always, as we wind down, we focus on possible solutions, seeking pathways to address and mitigate some of the pressing problems discussed.

Tune in for a thought-provoking discussion that spans global politics, personal transformation, and the quest for solutions in an ever-evolving world...