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Why Is Volcanic Activity Starting To Go Crazy All Over The Planet?

• by Michael Snyd

Unusual volcanic activity is happening all over the globe, but the "experts" are assuring us that there is nothing to be concerned about.  But could it be possible that they are wrong?  After you have reviewed the information that I provide in this article, come to your own conclusion.  To me, it definitely appears that what we are currently witnessing is not normal.

Right now, volcanic activity is causing a brand new island to emerge from the Pacific Ocean just off the coast of Japan's Iwo Jima island

A newborn island that recently emerged from the Pacific Ocean after an underwater volcanic eruption is now visible from space, images from the European Space Agency (ESA) reveal. The satellite images show the new landmass sitting around 0.6 mile (1 kilometer) off the coast off Japan's Iwo Jima island.