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Marjorie Taylor Greene's bid to impeach DHS Secretary Mayorkas FAILS ...


The House voted down a proposal to impeach Homeland Security Sec. Alejandro Mayorkas after a handful of Republicans sided with Democrats against the move. 

In a 209 to 201 vote, eight Republicans joined Democrats in voting to refer the impeachment resolution back to the Homeland Security Committee - effectively punting it indefinitely. 

The proposal, put forth by Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene, had support from other establishment and moderate Republicans, proving how much tides have changed for the Homeland Security secretary since the start of this Congress when many were leery of impeaching him. 

Greene worked on the resolution with Rep. Tony Gonzales, a moderate Republican from border district Texas who was hesitant of the movement to fire Mayorkas earlier this year. 

'Enough is enough,' he told on Friday. 

Only one Cabinet secretary, Secretary of War William Belknap in 1876, has ever been impeached, that time over corruption allegations. 

Homeland Security Committee Chair Mark Green is conducting his own five-phase investigation of Mayorkas that could end in an impeachment vote. He's on phase five - transcribed interviews with DHS employees. 

'I support whatever it takes to get that guy out of office,' he told reporters when asked whether he supported Greene's resolution, but added: 'I would really like to finish my investigation.

'We've got some smoke, we're looking for the fire,' he said. 

Greene's impeachment resolution accused him of failing to uphold U.S. law to maintain operational control of the border.